Unleashing collaborative power

contractus enables partners to easily develop decentralized, direct relationships making business much quicker, less expensive and more transparent than ever before.
The first digital service to build efficient cross-company value chains and support trusting partnerships, contractus puts all partners at eye level.
Unique digital cooperation services combined with solid blockchain technology provide secure and efficient collaboration in a decentralized organization.
Comprehensive contractus smart services facilitate B2B transactions, from finalizing digital contracts to cross-company exchange of IoT data or M2M communication in real time.

No longer a vision – anyone can use contractus today!

Digital trading partner integration.
Cross-company process integration.
Transparent supply chain tracing and tracking.
Value creation in a virtual business network.

What challenges does B2B pose today?

Call me, email me, fax it to me

Today, businesses use different systems and programs and have many ways to transfer data. There is no established standard for universal cooperation and communication. Because there is currently no “general channel” in place, many businesses must resort to traditional methods such as telephone, fax and email. Partners must take turns in slow manual steps, which prevents efficient cross-company communication in real time. Solutions that are currently in place preassign central mediators, hinder direct and equal partnerships and end in cost-intensive IT projects.