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contractus is the initiator of the decentralized corporate network The is an open ecosystem, providing companies in almost every industry the ability to build individual digital business models based on blockchain technology. It paves the way for future-orientated business models in which the sovereignty over data and the flexible cooperation between partners are crucial to success. More information about the initiative of

Why contractus initiates the

The way companies create value in the future is about to change. Sales markets are changing with a previously unknown dynamic and require companies to be extremely flexible. Constantly individualized products and services also ensure more complex value creation processes. Only a few companies will be able to serve customers fully on their own in the future, as a result of which shared value-added processes with constantly changing (new) partners will become more important. 

In order to deal with these challenges, decentralized networks are needed on which companies can perform services digitally and efficiently together. And that without the need to exchange information that is necessary for cooperation via central third-party systems. Blockchain technology offers an alternative for the development of such decentralized networks, but is not suitable for productive use in companies in existing solutions.

For this reason, we initiate with the first cross-industry cross-industry blockchain on which every company can build its own decentralized business models and effectively network with partners without losing its own data sovereignty. At its core, is an "enterprise ready" blockchain that is operated collectively by various well-known European companies and is intended to counterbalance the currently dominating central marketplaces.

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